Welcome to DAY 1: The Independent Woman

Iris Benrubi

Iris Benrubi, is an International Dating and Relationship expert, Registered Psychotherapist and Marriage Counselor. She has spent over 20 years professionally Coaching and Counseling men, women and couples, in over 16 countries to find True Love.

Iris has interviewed Dr. Phil on how to attract a Good Man and asked Mel Gibson on ‘What Women Really Want’. Iris has a #1 Amazon Best Selling Book “Lonely and Single to Loved and Adored”, She is an inspirational and charismatic international keynote speaker spiked with humor, energy and wit.

She shares her life with the Man of her Dreams that she attracted using her own 3 step process she teaches women. And when she isn’t coaching, she is riding her motorcycle, doing back flips on the trampoline or riding in her pink 2-seater convertible next to the man of her dreams.

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Clayton Olson

People seek Clayton when they want to transform their romantic relationships in life, working with all stages of their relationships including: getting started, mending, strengthening, or moving on.

More importantly, they feel at peace, clear, and happy with the choices they make for their lives going forward.

Rather than teaching quick-fix strategies, Clayton’s coaching style works with the deeper drivers behind people’s most painful experiences in relationships, and adjusts those experiences so clients can secure a life they endear, with a love that endures.

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More About Your Host Bex Burton

Bex Burton helps independent women attract and grow lasting love, without sacrificing who they are or what they want out of life. 

After painfully hitting the same walls in love for over a decade,  Bex committed to the study and growth of lasting love. Today, she enjoys a deeply connected partnership of 11 years with the man of her dreams. Through her signature programs: Your Majesty, and Core Joy Living, she helps other independent women do the very same: attract and grow equal, healthy partnership. 

Bex inspires deeply transformational experiences through movement, mindfulness, and compassionate behavioral exploration, via live and online programs, spectacle dance performances, and nature-immersive glamping retreats. Catch up with her at www.bexburtoncoaching.com and on IG @lovecoachbex. 

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