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  • Ashley clearly defined what she really wanted, finally set boundaries with the non-committal man she was dating, and called in GREAT LOVE the very next season.
  • Kelly released her beliefs about what she “SHOULD” be doing to attract lasting love. She prioritized herself, took herself on vacation, and met her FOREVER MAN whom she'd already known for nearly two decades!
  • Christine discovered new themes from her past relationships. She changed her way of dating entirely, and met her BIG LOVE in a matter of weeks.
  • Jennie broke her pattern of entering a relationship “just because he was interested” and thus avoided wasting her time, and the suffering that she’d experienced in the past.

I’m Bex Burton, Love & Relationship Coach for Independent Women. 

Attracting a quality partner doesn’t always necessitate hours and hours of therapy, coaching, or investing thousands of bucks. 

Humbly, I’ve influenced dozens of complete turnarounds in women's love lives, in just a single conversation. 

If you’ve ever thought that you’re ‘mostly on the right track’ but want your quick questions answered, outside perspective and direction, or just want to pick the brain of a pro, I’ve got something you’ll love. 

For  a limited time, I’m offering Single and Three-Pack of Your Majesty coaching sessions, redeemable for an entire year! 

If you want a quick tweak to your love life, don’t sleep on this special offer!

Between August 1 through August 14, get: 

SINGLE 90-Minute Coaching Session 

Got a burning question?

Need a quick check in with an experienced guide?

Book time with Bex and tap into her wisdom for insight into your patterns, next steps, encouragement, motivation and support in one, 90-minute private coaching call.

THREE 60-Minute Coaching Sessions 

Want Bex in your back pocket in a pinch? 

Rather work quickly on something specific? 

Snag THREE 60-minute sessions and get back to back support, or spread the calls out when you need to phone a coach. 

Areas of Support We can Explore: 


    Get crystal clear on what you are calling in


    Untangle the past and free yourself to new, healthy, love


    Practices to build your love from within


    Tools to get your needs met & build intimacy


    Hand-held guidance & feedback


    Flirting & Dating Strategies for IRL


    Look & Feel like a Queen in your best colors & shapes

This offer ends on 8/14 at midnight,
or when sessions SELL OUT!  

What Your Majesty Grads Have to Say: 

Read this Important Information Carefully:  

This is a limited-time offer.  You have until July 31, 2023 to redeem your coaching sessions (Nearly an entire year!).  These Laser Coaching sessions are only available for purchase through midnight August 14, 2022, or until they sell out. (Whichever comes first.) 

Don't sleep on this offer if you want your unique keys to unlock lasting love! 💖